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About Our Chapter

Chartered in 1975, our chapter maintains over 357 members. FFA members may choose to participate by training for a leadership team - chapter conducting, radio, job interview, public speaking, skills team or try a career development event team such as meats judging, livestock, floriculture, tractor mechanics, horse, or by selecting, feeding, and grooming an animal to present before a livestock judge. They purchase the animal of choice and work everyday preparing for the show. The project requires an enormous amount of commitment and responsiblity. It should be considered a family project with the responsiblity resting on the FFA member known as the exhibitor. Many important experiences including the aspects of the free enterprise system, time management, self motivation, financial planning and accurate record keeping can be gained from raising an SAE~supervised agriculture experience project. Raising animal projects is not a requirement, but is an excellent way to develop responsibilty, a solid character, build on a college fund and have fun along the way.


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