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So you have questions!

Do you have to raise an animal?
No. But you do have to have and SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience) and keep records in AET. 
(The Agriculture Experience Tracker system)
See our BH FFA Handbook under About Us for details on our show rules, feeding and exercise recommendations.

What is AET?
The Agriculture Experience Tracker is an online record keeping system used to track the students SAE records, class time activities and experiences during their FFA career. Go to for more information. All high school FFA students  are given time every Friday in class to maintain these required time and financial journals. All feed, etc and time spent on SAE's are entered in the AET weekly. Jr members are not required to keep AET records until HS.

Do I have to pay FFA Dues?
Yes. We pay National, State, Area & District dues to cover all our events. Since you must have an SAE according to Texas Education Agency standards, you can also apply your SAE to awards, scholarships and other recognitions in FFA.
Our BH FFA Dues are $20/year

What is a Jr FFA member?
A BH ISD student 3rd-8th grade may join the BH Jr FFA if their parents are active members of the adult support group called the BH Young Farmers. They meet the f2nd Monday of each month to plan activities that support youth in agriculture. See the BH YF page here for more details.

I want to show a market animal at the Chambers County Youth Project Show in May.
Great, see our BH FFA Handbook for our recommendations on raising, feeding and showing market and breeding animals at our county show also referred to as YPS.
Market animals are shown to be fed as a terminal project. Market steers, lambs, goats, pigs, F1 heifers (must be a 1st cross mating of a registered brahman and any other registered beef animal) have what's called a tag in in the beginning of the project feeding period. See the CC YPS website for the tag in, show dates and other details on specific species. The Ag Teachers will help you if you need assistance weighing, feeding, hauling to tag in or show, etc. After the tag in the exercise program can be started. In the beginning we just grow the animal. Keeping them fed daily and keep fresh water at all times. Deworm the animals monthly.

What is a breeding animal for?
Breeding cattle can be a registered bull, a registered heifer of any breed (do consider the climate and weather conditions in southeast texas, HOT and usually wet- long haired cattle require much more grooming, fans and conditioning than brahman and brahman influence cattle)
See the BH FFA Handbook for more details on breeding cattle, rabbits, and poultry. Again, this handbook is a good source of information we have gathered over the years.

What other shows can I show animals at?
There are also local shows, jackpot shows, sanctioned shows, prospect shows and major shows.
Local shows like Texas Rice Festival TRF are shows that you take your animal to for practice & awards.
TVE Trinity Valley Exposition is both a market and a breeding show.
STSF South Texas State Fair also called Beaumont or YMBL Young Mens Business League is both a
market and breeding show.
There are many jackpot/prospect or sanctioned shows every weekend you can attend on your own. Just as you could choose to get some extra batting practice in at a batting cage or trainer on your own dime and time you can do the same in FFA. Look on Facebook for the Texas Prospect Show Info Page or sights for more information.

A major show is Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo, etc.
All major show animals require much more intensive entry details. See the HLSR or San Antonio websites for dates, fees, weight requirements, etc.



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