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JR FFA is for our BH ISD students that are between the ages of
3rd grade & 8th grade.

They are called Jr. FFA Members
Their parent/guardian must be a current BH YF adult  member.

The Young Farmers organization is our adult parent board.
The name has a long tradition in Texas and we continue to honor our farmers by continuing to use the name BH Young Farmers but: The BH Young Farmers is our adult board that
 serves to
advise, promote and encourage youth activities in agriculture.

The YF also strives to educate our adult members and community with
 educational programs throughout the year. 

So, we hope this clears up the question.
Where does a young person that wants to be in the FFA go! 
JR FFA and their parents join the BH Young Farmers to
serve in leadership & support roles. 

Names must be on the roster prior to Oct 1st for your child to be considered a Jr. FFA member.

All Junior FFA membership is due to the 
BH Young Farmers no later than the October YF meeting. 
For YF Contact information see the
Young Farmer/Ag Supporters page at the above site.

For more information about YF see our website above.


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