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Chambers County 
Youth Project Show

To complete an online entry for CCYPS follow the link below:

BH FFA can show ag mechanics, food items, horses, market animals and breeding animals at this show.
This is a BH FFA sanctioned show. (We attend YPS as a chapter)

Animals can be purchased from any breeder you choose 
but if you need help your FFA Advisors will help you secure a project.
By healthy and buy quality. It costs the same to raise a lesser quality animal as it does to raise one that is superior quaility. Your initial investment is key to getting in the ball game. Your commitment to feeding, caring and preparing is what will open the door for you in the winners circle!

Advisors will send out notices for tag in information.
Advisors will help with hauling animals to the tag ins and the show.
Advisors will assist students with getting the animal entered for the show
 but always stay on top of details and watch for emails.

Our tag in for animals is held at Whites Park in Hankamer, Texas
See the YPS website for all tag in and entry information.
Large animal tag in is always the 2nd Sat in November
Small animal tag in is always the first Sat in Feb

The market show at STSF is close enough to our county show YPS that we can double tag the lambs, goats, F1 heifers and steers. If you make the auction at STSF you pull out of the YPS because you sell your animal at STSF. If you wish not to sale the animal or do not make the sale at STSF you can still take it to YPS in May. 

For future details on YPS BH FFA exhibitor requirements please refer to our BH FFA Handbook.
If you have more questions on feeding or exercise recommendations it is also in the handbook.

You will find there are lots of people in our community that can help you. We have a great support base and appreciate the support our community offers our youth in agriculture. It can be sometimes overwhelming to get so many different "suggestions" just remember to listen and know that your Advisors are here to help you, just ask. We have been doing this for a very long time and completely understand how an incoming exhibitor and parent can get overwhelmed. 
We will be glad to visit with you just call or email. 

We also understand that if you have someone guiding you our best approach is to be there if you need us and assist you as needed. We will not try to ride herd over an exhibitor that has all the help they need. Our time is needed in many places and again we are glad to help out but it can be confusing if you are getting a lot of advise from different sources.

Just keep up with your animals health (if you see loose bowels; scours, take care of this immediently
-see handbook for species),
maintain fresh feed, hay as needed and water daily,
deworm as needed usually monthly depending on species (refer to handbook), keep hooves clean and trimmed as needed on livestock, 
keep them cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather, be careful of heating lamps and electrical cords, 
begin your exercise program according to your species (refer to handbook)

We are here to help you if you need it. Just call or email us.




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